Several treatment options help manage and reduce the appearance of varicose veins. One method you may consider is microphlebectomy, which removes diseased veins from the body.

How Does Microphlebectomy Work?

Microphlebectomy is a minimally invasive procedure that pulls medium to large-sized veins out of the body, producing smoother skin and reducing the risk of further complications. Although the procedure may sound invasive, the incisions created to remove the vein are only 1/8 of an inch, so small that they do not require a suture for closure.

Microphlebectomy is also a minimally invasive outpatient procedure, allowing you to receive treatment and return home immediately afterward. Although you may experience side effects, you will not have to tolerate a prolonged downtime.

Dr. Allen takes the vein out of the body, immediately improving any cosmetic imperfections and physical discomfort. The blood that once traveled through and became stuck in the diseased vein runs no risk of becoming a health concern. Instead, the blood will reroute to other healthier veins, continuing healthy circulation.

Can Microphlebectomy Benefit You?

Because there are so many treatment methods available for addressing varicose veins, it’s important to carefully examine whether microphlebectomy could benefit you individually. During a consultation, Dr. Allen will evaluate your veins and determine their severity.

It’s essential to define which veins are creating issues within your legs. Microphlebectomy will efficiently remove superficial veins; using ultrasound technology, Dr. Allen will assess your veins and identify which are demonstrating venous insufficiency.

Your Microphlebectomy Procedure

To begin your treatment, Dr. Allen will administer an anesthetic to alleviate any discomfort and use ultrasound to locate the vein needing removal. He will make a small incision and begin carefully pulling the vein out from your leg.

Immediately after the procedure, you may experience some swelling and bruising as well as black and blue marks on the skin. Within a few hours, any significant side effects will dissipate, and you should notice an improvement in the appearance of your legs along with immediate pain relief.

If you would like more information about microphlebectomy, or to find out whether the procedure is right for you, contact The Center for Advanced Vein Therapy at 267-728-7440 and schedule a consultation with Dr. Allen.

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