The Center for Advanced Vein Therapy recommends that prior to the patient’s appointment, they contact their insurance carrier to verify the requirements and benefits of their plan. Our office handles all of the pre-authorizations for the procedures we offer in our facility. You will be notified if your procedure is not covered by your insurance plan. The procedure will be billed to your insurance company, but patients are held responsible for paying their co-pay at their initial appointment.

As a courtesy to our patients, we now carry compression stockings in our office. Many insurance companies require stockings to be worn prior to having a procedure. Our team is happy to measure you for the stockings when you come in for your consultation with Dr. Steven Allen. Our charge for the stockings is $70.00 which will be collected upon receiving your stockings. If you wish to submit the cost of the stockings to your insurance company, it will be your responsibility to do so.