What Treatments are Available?

Today we have several minimally invasive options to return your hands to their youthful appearance. These procedures do not require surgical removal of the veins. 

After an initial evaluation, we can inject the vein with a sclerosant to close the vein. This requires approximately 20 minutes per hand. The vein is closed to just above the wrist. After the procedure there may be some bruising. This resolves in about a week or two. Your post procedure care consists of an ice pack applied to the back of the hand and an ace wrap.

After 2 hours the ice pack and ace wrap can be removed, and you can return to your daily activities. We discourage submerging your hands in warm water for 24 hours.

Some patients desire additional enhancements and we can provide Radiesse filler to contour the skin.

If you are experiencing any symptoms of Bulging Hand Veins, it’s time to schedule an evaluation. Contact The Center for Advanced Vein Therapy at 267-728-7440 to schedule a consultation.

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