Dr. Allen is a wonderful, caring, and compassionate Doctor.  I have suffered with leg swelling for years.  Through his excellent procedures my legs are now normal.  The vein surgery was easy and there was very little discomfort.  Thank you Dr. Allen


Outstanding doctor! Very comprehensive treatment and care!


I’m in my mid sixties and for years have had prominent veins in my hands. I sought sclerotherapy treatment with Dr. Steven Allen at The Center for Advanced Vein Therapy. The procedure was only slightly uncomfortable and the results were amazing! I am ecstatic to have youthful looking hands again! I highly recommend Dr. Steven and his professional staff.


Cosmetic Sclerotherapy

Several years ago I went to a vein specialist recommend by my then podiatrist.  The doctor diagnosed me with vein disease(CVI). I suffered from pain and had to wear thick compression socks.  I was very unhappy and she told me there is no cure. Finally after a year with her, I decided I needed to get another opinion. I found Dr. Allen through health grade.com the reviews were good so I said what the heck. I am so glad I did. He is very knowledgeable and he explained everything to me. Everything is done on site. Ultrasound and surgery. He had a solution and after 2 minor procedures in his office I started to feel better. 1 year later(2019) I got the clear that I am cured. No compression socks. Yeah. Dr Steve and his staff are fantastic. They are so compassionate. They treat patients with  human care. You are not rushed out and not treated as a number. If he could be my doctor for everything I would switch in a heart beat. I wish more doctors were like him.


I would highly recommend this establishment to anyone! Professional, accurate and friendly. Best customer service.


We took my 90 year old mother to Dr. Allen for some major issues with her veins.  He and his staff are amazing!  She has had several treatments and all her issues are gone.  He is the most patient doctor when taking time to make certain you understand every step of your treatment.  I would highly recommend him to anyone!!


I cannot praise Dr. Steve Allen enough. I was nervous about the problem vein I had and what would I have to go through to fix it! I received an extremely thorough exam of all my veins. After evaluating my situation, Dr Allen came up with the best treatment for me. I was so relieved to know I didn’t have to have a major surgery!  He took the time to explain everything, never rushed through! Even when I called with questions, Dr Allen got right on the phone & answered my questions. That is unheard of anymore! I didn’t have to leave a message & wait for someone to call me back. Dr Allen is how doctors used to be before, now you usually only get a short time & you’re done. Dr. Allen has gone above and beyond. Truly takes his time and cares about you. The whole staff are all so friendly, kind & caring. They are all very knowledgeable & can answer any questions! Thank you Dr Allen and all the staff.

— PAT S.

I did not know what to expect upon my first visit to Dr. Allen. He gave me realistic expectations and he was right on with the final results. Very accommodating in his scheduling which was good for me. Very friendly stafF. When I needed some touch up work on one or two small veins, no problem.


I was confident that I was in the care of a first class physician with quality training and solid experience. Dr. Allen’s efforts to help me understand what was causing my pain and discomfort and how this would be remedied were clear, compassionate, and concise. In-office surgical setting was spotless, fully equipped to accommodate emergencies and comfortable. The staff is very professional, friendly and supportive. Dr. Allen is a treasure. You can feel confident that Dr. Allen will help you.


Dr. Allen is AMAZING ! My diagnosis and procedure were explained in great detail. The procedure was easy, minimal pain, very short down time afterwards. The office staff from front desk to nurses and sonographers are very pleasant and professional. The office is immaculately clean. I am a retired R.N. I struggled with leg cramps and pain for years. I had relief from my symptoms w/in 24 hours of the procedure. I highly recommend this practice. Care and compassion at their finest!


Dr. Allen provided a thorough examination of my father which included more than just his vein issues. In addition to addressing his obvious symptoms, Dr. Allen also provided insight to some other problems my father was experiencing and has given us detailed info and referrals to doctors that can assist with treatment. My father was impressed with the way Dr. Allen delivered his diagnosis as he has never experienced what he felt was special treatment before.

— KIM W.

The overall experience was so wonderful. Dr. Allen is very professional and I would recommend his services to family and friends.


Warm, friendly and professional environment. Highly recommended!


Had varicose veins in my legs for many years, I went to see Dr Allen, and was immediately impressed with his credentials, as well as his friendly and professional manner. Also, all members of the office staff are very nice to deal with, and are also very professional. After having the Venefit procedure done, my legs look and feel so much better, and my circulation has greatly improved. Now I can stand for long periods with no swelling or discomfort. I highly recommend Dr Allen and his staff.

— JOE C.


I had a large hematoma on the inside of my leg varicose vein. Dr. Allen and his staff were very understanding of my fears and concerns; were able to do an ultrasound and let me know I was going to be alright. After the hematoma reduced I had the Venefit procedure done on that leg. For the first time in forever I don’t need to wear support hose and my leg never bothered me after the procedure. I cannot say enough good things about this competent, caring doctor and his staff.



I was very impressed with Dr. Allen and his staff from the very first visit. There’s three words that describe Dr. Allen and Staff: Professional, Knowledgeable and Caring. You don’t see that too much with doctors today. I can’t say enough about Dr. Allen and his Staff I highly recommend.

— PAT N.

I was treated a few months ago for a huge painful varicose vein! Dr Allen did a procedure called Verithane. It wasn’t really painful & did the trick! No more pain! No more ugly vein! My entire experience was above ever expected! The entire staff & Dr Allen were wonderful! I cannot praise them enough on the excellent care & concern of all! Dr himself got right on the phone when I called with a question!!! None of that where you leave a message & girl gets back to you! Dr Allen truly cared. Thanks

— PAT S.

Varithena Foam

Awesome Doctor. I truly believe that he saved my husband’s life. Thank You Doctor for taking the time to research and coordinate the doctor to perform the type of procedure that was necessary. Thank You for taking the time to call us and check on him several times after his procedure. Highly recommend his services.


I would highly recommend Dr. Allen to anyone looking for a very thorough, highly skilled, kind physician. As an RN I have high expectations and Dr Allen met and exceeded them. He treated both of my legs for venous insufficiency, and I’ve had no pain since. Everyone in his office is very pleasant and he really goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable in the office. He thoroughly explained all treatment options before deciding on a plan that was best for me. Highly recommend!!


My husband & I both had several procedures done. We both had very positive experiences. Dr. Allen is very thorough, explains the procedure in great detail (showing a video & the instruments he will use) & answers all questions. Dr. Allen & staff are very professional, courteous, friendly and caring. The office is very clean. I would highly recommend to friends & family. Thank You Dr. Allen & Staff!


Extremely professional explained everything in a way that I could understand… The staff was very helpful and courteous. I would highly recommend Dr Allen and his whole team…


I would recommend Dr. Allen in a heartbeat! During my first visit, I underwent a thorough examination followed by a complete, detailed explanation of what was going on, what could be done and how the procedures would be done. At all times, I felt that my best interest was front and foremost. I’ve had a few procedures and always found Dr. Allen and his wonderful staff to be patient, kind and professional. AND…. my legs feel so much better.


Dr. Allen not only treated my varicose veins for the discomfort I have been feeling, but he has been the first doctor that I have dealt with that has made sure my legs look as good as they feel. In the past 20 years, I have had multiple laser treatments done at other vein centers for my varicose veins and was sent home with “treated veins” but still had ugly legs, and was told “that’s all we can do for you”. Dr. Allen takes the time to make sure you are happy and satisfied with your results.


I am extremely enthusiastic about the treatment and care I received from Dr. Allen and his staff. Dr. Allen is a highly skilled physician who combines great competence with a caring attitude. His sense of humor immediately puts you at ease. The entire staff at the Center for Vein Therapies is first class! After completing my treatments, my legs feel 40 years younger! Highly, highly recommended!

— ED

Steve is the best. Where others didn’t see a problem, he did. He listens and explains everything in detail. His staff is marvelous also. Just finished my follow up and if I get any other procedures done I will definitely return to him. Thanks Dr. Steve my legs feel so much better.


I just completed my varicose treatment and am completely satisfied. Not only has my pain virtually disappeared, but my legs look great. Dr. Allen and his staff are top notch, professional, make you feel like you’re their only patient, take time explaining the procedure in detail and follow-up with phone calls. There aren’t many doctors who still practice medicine this way. I highly recommend Dr. Allen. You won’t be disappointed.


Dr. Allen did a wonderful job of explaining my problem with varicose veins. His procedures were quick and painless. Not only were the varicose veins gone, but nocturnal leg cramps and swollen ankles were gone, too. The technical people that do the ultrasounds were great, too. The office runs on time. All in all, I am quite happy with Dr. Allen and his staff.


Dr. Allen is a very kind and caring doctor. He explains the procedures very carefully so that you understand what will happen. The procedure was very easy in both legs with little to no discomfort. The office is immaculate and his staff is very friendly. I had the vein therapy on both of my legs and I am so pleased that my legs are no longer swelling. Thank you Dr. Allen!


Dr. Allen is very knowledgeable about the human body . In particular the workings of the Vascular system. He takes the time to explain your particular situation and the treatment he recommends. I felt very confident he was the right choice to remedy my problems. Immediately after my procedures I experience significant relief of the major pain areas and minor pain was completely gone. My follow up visits have all gone smoothly and I am completely satisfied, and 100% Pain Free.


I would definitely recommend Doctor Allen, he is a very compassionate person. The results of my treatments are very positive and I am happy with the outcome.


My experience with Dr. Allen and his entire staff is rated extremely high. Very professional service blended with friendly and caring staff resulted in a pleasant and comfortable experience. All questions answered thoroughly on a layman’s level. Excellent follow-up care. Highly recommended.


Radiofrequency Ablation

I would highly recommend Dr. Allen. I felt comfortable during each procedure and the staff made me feel the same. I am so happy with the results and even more happy that I found Dr. Allen. If you are thinking about having vein procedures go to Dr. Allen he explains everything to you and takes his time with his patients. Thank you for making my legs look so good.


After years of dealing with aching legs and swollen ankles, Dr. Allen was able to close the veins that were causing the discomfort. He is very knowledgeable and friendly. He takes time to explain the treatment needed and makes sure you fully understand. He even showed a video of the procedure before I had it done. Dr. Allen’s staff is also very friendly and helpful!! I would definitely recommend to family and friends.


I feel very fortunate that I chose Dr. Allen for the initial consultation, as I started experiencing occasional swelling and pain in my calf. Dr. Allen was very thorough and attentive, and explained the set of tests and procedures that need to be followed for best results. I was positively surprised to encounter such humane approach to a patient, which is something that many other specialists lack today. If you decide to choose Dr. Allen, be assured you’re in good hands!


Dr Allen expertly corrected a painful and swelling vein disease situation in both of my legs. His procedures were clearly explained beforehand with all the ramifications, and were minimally invasive in his office. He was referred to me by a physician in another practice because of his knowledge and capabilities exceeded that of the referring doctor. His staff treated me with respect, courtesy, a safe and clean environment care, and professionalism. I am extremely pleased with the results.


Dr. Allen and his staff immediately established an excellent rapport with me; the doctor and the entire staff are very professional but also kindly engaging. They also stick to the appointment scheduling—no waiting around, which I personally greatly appreciate. I am also extremely satisfied with the treatments I received…I highly recommend this team… Thank You!!


I used Dr. Allen’s services for a vein ablation and a subsequent sclerotherapy procedure. The single ablation procedure fixed about 70% of all the problems that I had with veins in my left leg, and the remaining problems were addressed by one followup sclerotherapy procedure. Dr. Allen gave a thorough explanation and an educational video of the method involved, and the procedures were performed flawlessly and pain-free. The staff was very friendly yet professional. I highly recommend Dr. Allen.


Cosmetic Sclerotherapy

Dr. Allen was informative, professional and friendly. My vein surgery was painless and effective. I highly recommend Dr. Allen.


Dr. Steve and his staff were very courteous and thorough during the procedure I had done. Dr. Steve took the time to fully explain the procedure and make sure all my questions were answered. Nothing seemed too much for him and he emphasized that I contact him with any questions I may have. He made sure I was completely satisfied with the outcome.


I have had DVT twice and after the second experience I wanted to find a specialist who understands the complications involved with this condition and treat me accordingly. Dr Allen is an expert with DVT and has great wisdom in how to regularly follow it up. He has an ultra sound and technician in the office and gives me immediate results at each visit. He talks everything through with me so that I feel a sense of partnership in my diagnosis and life long care.


The care is amazing and the results are phenomenal! Dr. Allen has a patient-first attitude down to even a personal level. Everyone in that practice is wonderful.


Doctor Allen was referred to me by my Primary Physician, Doctor Zachary Lyons. From my initial appointment with Doctor Allen, he has accorded me a full description of the procedures he recommended for both my legs. Subsequently both my legs underwent the appropriate procedures without any untoward effects. I highly recommend Doctor Allen as an outgrowth of my experiences with both he and his very proficient staff.


Dr Allen was really terrific! He took time explaining the procedure, and was very patient and kind. In addition his staff was professional and his offices very clean. I would use him again.


I am a 45 year old woman. I have had varicose veins since my mid-twenties. Over the years, the veins became more severe, and the pain/aching/heaviness in my legs had become increasingly worse; I didn’t realize the pain was coming from the varicose veins. After a referral from my primary care doctor to have a consultation with Dr. Steve, it became clear that I had venous re-flux. He is caring, his staff exemplary, the office is clean and state of the art. I feel 100% better since being treated.


My experience with Dr. Allen and his caring staff has been nothing but the best. His staff are friendly and caring. I have had excellent results with his treatment and I highly recommend him to anyone with vein issues. He is kind and caring and a very skilled physician. Thank you Dr. Allen


Dr. Allen and his caring staff was nothing but the best. His staff are friendly and caring. I have had excellent results with his treatment and I highly recommend him to anyone with vein issues. He is kind, caring and a very skilled physician. I can’t thank him and his amazing staff enough! Thank you, Dr. Allen and staff!


Dr. Allen was attentive to my concerns. My comfort and satisfaction were his top priority. I would highly recommend him!


Visits to Dr. Allen’s practice are always professionally focused, courteously managed, and personally satisfying. I know I’m part of the team, making a welcome and healthy difference in my life and outlook, for years to come. Throughout the recent six months, my appointment times have always been adhered to, answers to my questions are thorough and factual, and all procedures are defined and explained beforehand. Consistent services and informative staff are expected, fulfilled, and appreciated. I look forward to improving my health and wellness with professionals such as Dr. Allen, ‘in my corner’!


This office is very professional, yet friendly and not intimidating. My time is valued in this office. Dr. Allen and his staff take time to listen to my concerns, explain things in common terms and do not pressure me into any procedure. Questions are answered and an off hour contact number is offered. I definitely recommend Dr. Allen


Everyone at The Center for Advanced Vein Therapy was friendly, courteous and professional and Dr. Allen was excellent! He explained everything in detail before the appointment. After the procedure, I experienced some pain for 1-2 weeks and then I felt great! Dr. Allen is very caring, extremely knowledgeable and nice. Before the procedure, I was experiencing Charlie horses, leg cramping and a lack of energy when using the stairs. Now stairs are much easier and more blood is circulating through my legs.

I have already recommended The Center for Advanced Vein Therapy to friends who experience leg tiredness. I would have never thought to seek out vein therapy if not for my foot doctor recommending I check it out –and I am so glad I did!


Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI)

The staff was very nice and accommodating from the time I entered, to the time I left. After having the treatment, my legs feel so much better and do not feel as tired at the end of the day. I would gladly recommend these services to anyone having discomfort in their legs or experiencing varicose veins. I received fantastic treatment and all my vein issues were resolved.


Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA), Great Saphenous Vein (GSV) & US Guided Foam Sclerotherapy

From my initial consultation, I knew that if any procedure was necessary I would be in good hands. Dr. Allen was very clear and detailed at explaining venous disease. It’s only been a week since my last visit and my legs are already feeling better and the aching has diminished considerably. I am anxious to see how great I’ll feel in about six weeks!


Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA)

Dr. Allen was very nice and explained the procedure and what I could expect from the experience, during and after. The staff is very nice and knowledgeable. My pain is no longer there. I don’t see any varicose veins anymore. I am 24 years old, and varicose veins looked really bad. I thought only older people got them, but now I know it’s not an age thing – but a vein and circulation problem.

I would recommend CAVT to anyone that has discomfort or varicose veins. There is no reason to wait – you’ll feel better and feel better about yourself. You can wear dresses without thinking that someone is looking at your veins because they pop so much.


Left Great Saphenous Vein Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA)

I have been debating whether or not to have my varicose veins looked at for 5 years. After meeting with Dr. Allen and his staff, I decided to pursue the removal of my varicose veins – and what a good decision it was. Some described my veins as a “hot mess” or a “bowl of spaghetti”, however, the Microphlebectomy was quick and relatively painless. From the initial ultrasound to the final procedure I was kept aware of the process. I was walking the same day and back to playing golf in a couple days.

I should have had this procedure performed earlier because my legs looked 100% better, and the swelling, cramping and ugliness were gone. Even my younger daughter noticed the difference. I would recommend anyone who has varicose veins to schedule a consultation and inquire about the options available. Thanks again to Dr. Steve Allen and his staff at The Center for Advanced Vein Therapy in Huntingdon Valley!


Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) & Microphlebectomy

The entire staff is well-versed with all of the medical questions and procedures. Everything was explained in great detail. Cosmetically, the varicose veins are gone. The real benefit is that the pain and itching are gone. My legs also aren’t as sensitive to the touch as they were in the past. I would say that they have nothing to worry about. Dr. Allen and his staff will tell you like it is and get you back to living without any pain.


Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA)

The staff is very accommodating, professional and thorough. Everything is explained in detail with all options for treatment covered. The atmosphere is very relaxed and welcome – there are never any feelings of apprehension. Going in, I never realized how much of an effect, reflux could have on how well my legs felt. Since treatment, I feel like I’ve gotten 20 years back on my legs. No more pain or discomfort. I never knew how good my legs could feel!

Absolutely a must! You never know how good you can feel or the benefit for your overall health until you’ve had a consultation. I went in for a consultation on the advice of my wife. I thought I’d be out in 10 minutes – and three treatments later I’m overjoyed at how good my legs feel. They’re no longer tired and achy, and I also know that I’ve done something to improve my overall health.


Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) and Microphlebectomy

The staff was very professional and had great bedside manners. I found them easy to talk to which made me feel more at ease. The treatment helped stop pain I was feeling in my right leg. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend them to anyone who needed their help.


Radiofrequencey Ablation (RFA)

The staff is wonderful!! Dr. Allen is very reassuring and explained the procedure in full detail. Singing along to music made me forget all about what was happening! I was referred to Dr. Allen for swelling in my left foot. That swelling has decreased dramatically. And, with the improved circulation in my legs, I have much more energy. I would (and have) absolutely recommend Dr. Allen. At my first visit, a complete examination and ultrasound were performed. Dr. Allen immediately determined what treatment was needed. He explained everything in terms I could understand, and I feel great now!!


Venefit Targeted Endovenous Therapy

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