Why Is ClariVein™ Different?

The procedure is non-thermal and non-tumescent. ClariVein™ requires only one injection site for vein closure. While other methods of treatment may involve the injection of specific agents at multiple points along the vein, ClariVein™ reduces the amount of trauma in the treatment area and makes your procedure more comfortable. ClariVein™ also involves no local anesthesia and will cause only mild discomfort during the treatment process.

It’s possible for ClariVein™ to treat superficial leg veins below the knee whereas other treatment measures may risk potential nerve damage.


What Happens During Treatment?

Due to the individual nature of your leg veins, it is essential to have a consultation and venous ultrasound. Dr. Allen will talk to you about the symptoms you are experiencing and take a closer look at the leg veins that are causing the problems. 

With the use of ultrasound technology, Dr. Allen can examine your leg veins below the skin’s surface and receive detailed imagery of the way blood is moving through your veins. With this information, he can diagnose your condition and determine the best method of treatment. 

ClariVein™ is best suited for varicose veins that meet specific size requirements. With an ultrasound, Dr. Allen can see exactly where the catheter is located in the veins, as it shows brightly on the monitor. This precision ensures that your varicose veins are eliminated in the least amount of procedures possible.

The combination of the fast rotation with a chemical agent creates an effective technique that permanently closes your varicose veins. Each rotation penetrates below the surface of the vein lining into the middle portion of the vein wall allowing for maximum closure results. To assure the full closure of your leg veins, Dr. Allen will administer the sclerosing agent as he slowly withdraws the catheter from your vein.


When Will You See Results?

ClariVein™ produces near-immediate results and allows you to return your regular routine that same day. Although it will take some time before the closed vein vanishes, blood will reroute to healthier veins, lessening venous insufficiency. 

If you would like more information about ClariVein™ along with any other form of treatment available, contact The Center for Advanced Vein Therapy at 267-728-7440 and schedule a consultation. 

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