How Do Compression Stockings work?

A compression stocking or garment will place pressure on your leg to improve venous blood return. This may increase venous return to your heart.

Along with a reduction in swelling and discomfort, you may find that you have better mobility and that your varicose veins become less distinct in appearance while wearing your stockings.

Your venous insufficiency may not be causing you physical pain, but that does not mean venous disease is not a matter of medical concern. By addressing venous complaints early, you may prevent the disease from progressing.


When Are Compression Stockings The Right Option?

Determining whether you would benefit from compression hose is based upon a complete evaluation by Dr. Allen at Center for Advanced Vein Therapy.

Although compression stockings will not provide a cure for your venous insufficiency, they may make your legs feel better. During your appointment, Dr. Allen will perform a complete history, physical, a full venous mapping and then review and discuss his findings and recommendations with you.

Typically you will receive a prescription for compression stockings at your initial visit. They can be purchased at a reduced price from our office.


What Compression Stockings Are Available?

Compression garments are designed anatomically to fit a particular region of your body. They are available as knee-highs, thigh-highs and pantyhose in several sizes and compression strengths. Some compression stockings are available at your local pharmacy while others require a prescription from your physician. As a convenience to our patients these can be purchased at a reduced price from our staff. Dr. Allen will recommend the best compression stocking for your needs and explain how you will acquire it.

To ensure their efficiency, it’s essential that your compression stockings fit properly. You will receive instructions on when and how long to wear your compression stockings. You will wear the stockings during the day and take them off when you go to bed.

Dr. Allen will have you come in for follow-up appointments to check on the progress of symptoms.

If you would like more information about Compression Stockings or whether the treatment is right for your varicose veins, contact The Center for Advanced Vein Therapy at 267-728-7440 and schedule a consultation. 

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