What Happens During The Venaseal™ Closure System Treatment?

Initially, a trained clinician will fill a syringe with the medical adhesive. At this point, the rest of the procedure is performed under ultrasonic guidance by Dr. Allen. The vein will be micropuncture accessed, and a catheter will be positioned. Medical adhesive will then be deployed along the course of the vein as the catheter is slowly withdrawn. The ultrasonographer will be applying slight compression over the vein beginning at your groin and gradually moving down your leg toward your foot. After the catheter is withdrawn a band aid will be placed over the puncture site. 


How Does The VenaSeal™ Closure System Work?

The VenaSeal™ closure system procedure is designed to minimize patient discomfort and reduce recovery time. Patients are able to immediately return to normal activities. NO COMPRESSION STOCKINGS ARE REQUIRED. Additionally, patients have reported minimal bruising and occasional inflammation along the treated vein. We recommend taking 25 mg. of Benadryl the night of your procedure and for 4 more nights.

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